The Strategy Papers on four key technology themes – Digital Agriculture, Agri-Biotechnology, Agri-Nanotechnology, and Agri-Robotics, are an attempt to draw learnings from the rapid development that has taken place in these sub-sectors globally, cutting edge research taking place in leading global institutions, and the need for these innovations to be translated into the sector in India. The Strategy Papers on Next-Gen Agri Technology segments are being devised in consultation and deliberations with world-renowned experts from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Netherlands, USA and India. The objective of these Strategy Paper is to develop a roadmap for implementation of the respective technologies in India. The papers intend to serve as roadmaps for rapid technology uptake and capacity building of the sector.

The first of the papers on digital agriculture focusses on the need of digitization in Indian agriculture, which is well recognized and accepted. Efforts have also been made on several fronts towards digitizing the existing value chain. Technological interventions based on Remote Sensing, Soil Sensors, Unmanned Aerial Surveying, and Market Insights etc. have provided us with several data points that in combination with robust Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms generate actionable insights. Mapping of stakeholders and examples of collaboration from across the world showcase possible scenarios which can be adapted in the Indian setting.
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