How do I sign up for the hackathon?
Please go to http://www.ciiagtech.com
What is the timing of the hackathon?
Hackathon will run from date. Detailed schedule will be emailed to the team leader.
Is there a physical location?
This hackathon is purely virtual?
Yes, all submissions will be on the CLOUD.
Do I have to use fresh code?
What should my project be about?
The challenge statements are given on the website.
How will I know if I have won?
Winners details will be announced on the website and CII will notify all the shortlisted teams through a newsletter and our social media channels.
Where do I submit my hack?
Our submission link will be emailed to all the shortlisted teams directly.
What are the prizes?
Please visit the website for prize details - http://www.ciiagtech.com
I have lots of technical questions, where can I get answers?
Feel free to drop in any technical questions in our slack channel and our team will try and respond to you with related solutions. However, StackOverflow and Github can always be great resources too.
I have gone through all the FAQ's and I still have a question.
For any non-technical questions, please write to agri-future@cii.in
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